2023 Amazon Customer Survey Results


2023 Amazon Customer
Behavior Survey


We Actually Sell Your Product

Do you have a high-priced or highly in demand product you donโ€™t really feel like giving away to achieve ranking? Well you may qualify for Product Blitz! Rebates are expensive so how about if we helped you sell your product at a marked discount? Simply put we offer a 40-60% discount on your high-priced item to our tens of thousands of high quality buyers helping you achieve rank while potentially breaking even on each sale.

Every year Sellico surveys 1000 of their Amazon Prime customers to find out general behavioral and psychological purchasing habits.

These questions and answers are specifically designed to assist you, the Amazon private label seller, in understanding better what your customers are doing while shopping for you and/or your competition.

At the bottom of the page there is an oppurtunity to learn more about Sellico product launch and ranking services.