When To Use

When you want to elevate sales velocity and SEO ranking for an Amazon product while staying on the white side of Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct.


GoFindIt! was aptly named. This rebate free promotional program is achieved by offering a mixture of Amazon Promotion Codes & a listing Coupon, rather than rebates, to achieve a 50% – 90% discount. This discount will be exclusive to our 50,000 Amazon Prime customer pool. From there we simply show them an image of your product and tell them to “GoFindIt!”. All methods our customers use to go find your product (as no links are offered) will be cataloged and shared with you each day. You will be surprised how many great keywords our buyers come up with completely on their own!
We cap daily purchases to 10 per day and most campaigns range from 10 days to 30 days long.


People can search anything they like to find your product, including brand name. We can show them the main listing image and the title, only if the image does not provide enough description to assist them to find the product.


We cannot tell people what keyword or phrase to search for or give them a financial bonus or rebate to buy the product, as these inherently violate Amazon’s Code of Conduct. Also no reviews or ratings will be solicited or posted to your listing.
Lastly, supplements do not qualify for this program and all orders must be approved by our team before accepted into the program.

Creating a campaign on our dashboard is confidential and only takes a few minutes.