Sellico Leadership

We collaboratively administrate empowered markets through existing channels and new opportunities on the horizon. We can quickly maximize the timely deliverables for real-time presentations to deliver outstanding ROI.

The Sellico database consists of multiple tiers of people and criteria. A few basic and required criteria are below:

  • United States
  • 18 years or older
  • Amazon prime member

The Sellico database consists of your normal everyday person. These people are not full time coupon clippers, or discount shoppers. For example we have many singles, married couples, mothers, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and more. Additionally, we have segmented these categories further via interests, occupation, and more to ensure a seamless demographic match for your product.

Each person that enters the Sellico database must first apply and undergo a vetting process. Providing us additional information and answering a series of strategically asked questions to help eliminate anyone we do not deem worthy.

Obviously we can’t reveal our exact recruitment and vetting process, although we can share the following: Sellico has several different databases of people which are constantly growing independently.

Each Sellico database does not know the other exists. This means that “John” in database A does not know anything about a “Jim” in database 2.

This ensures a clean healthy “rotation” of people to eliminate any cross contamination or linkage. Each Sellico database has an entirely different recruitment process, and acts as its own solo entity.

Sellico’s highest priority is client safety, health, and success. As you know by now Sellico takes extra measures to ensure our operation is not only up to the latest standards, but always several steps beyond it. With that being said, each client fully understands and takes 100% liability for any result produced by utilizing any Sellico services.

Yes. In fact we have serviced multiple other platforms not shown on our website. Additionally, we have offered services not mentioned on our website. When you have tens of thousands of people ready to follow any instruction you provide them, the opportunities are endless. What would you like done? 

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